Adoption in Pakistan

Adoption in Pakistan

Many people ask that how a child is adopted in Pakistan or is the adoption in Pakistan legal? The answer to this question is that adoption in Pakistan is legal but there is no specific child adoption laws in Pakistan. Adoption in Pakistan law is done indirectly through other laws because there is no specific adoption law in Pakistan. Adoption in Pakistani law is possible through two ways. Child adoption in Pakistan is either done through child protection bureau or through the guardian court. Orphan babies for adoption in Pakistan can be taken through authorized centers only or through child protection centers where the proceedings are conducted through the sessions judge and you have to proceed you case and have to convince the judge that you are suitable couple to adopt a baby in Pakistan. Prior to the proceedings before the sessions judge you have to submit you complete profile in which you have show your priority of adoption which means the gender or age of baby you wish to adopt along with other requirements to adopt a baby in Pakistan. A complete file needs to be prepared by a profession adoption lawyer in Pakistan on which your whole claim will depend. The adopting person will have to also provide with his personal information like profession, age, religion, sect, income etc. A child cannot be adopted from an unauthorized adoption centers in Pakistan. Adoption in Pakistan is only possible through authorized   adoption centers in Pakistan such as edhi etc. There are only few child adoption agencies in Pakistan which are authorized by the government from where you can adopt a child in Pakistan after fulfilling adoption requirements in Pakistan. Once your adoption lawyer in Pakistan has conducted the complete case you  will get adoption certificate in Pakistan which will be the sole proof of adoption in Pakistan. Adoption process in Pakistan is not so complicated. Adoption process in Pakistan is now made easy by the government. Child adoption in Pakistan is now possible only through proper channel. For child adoption in Pakistan complete requirements needs to be fulfilled. Please contact us for adoption of child in Pakistan as we can make the adoption procedure in Pakistan easy for the clients.

Adoption in Pakistan law

Adoption law in Pakistan

If you already have a baby you don’t need to go to adoption center in Pakistan. If you have a baby for adoption in Pakistan you have to file a case in guardian court to get a guardian certificate in Pakistan. Most of the couples for adoption of baby in Pakistan prepare adoption deed in Pakistan and think that they are done with the adoption but legally there cannot be adoption in Pakistan just on the basis of adoption deed in Pakistan. Baby for adoption in Pakistan can be adopted only by filing a case in guardian court through a competent family lawyer in Pakistan who after the case will get you guardianship certificate which will be the sole proof of adoption in Pakistan. Pakistani adoption is valid only through guardianship certificate if you have a baby for adoption in Pakistan. Pakistani expats also sometimes get a baby for adoption in Pakistan which is possible only through the guardian court because the expats in order to take the adopted child abroad will have to get a valid guardianship certificate along with the permission from the guardian court to take the child abroad. Expats from UK, USA , Canada and other parts of the world will have to contact a competent adoption lawyer in Pakistan so that the lawyer can get you the guardianship certificate. If you wish to adopt a child in Lahore Pakistan you can contact Nazia Law Associate which can get you guardianship certificate in Pakistan if you already have a baby for adoption in Pakistan and if you don’t have a baby for adoption in Pakistan our law firm can assist you to get adoption from authorized centers in Pakistan. For Adoption procedure in Pakistan or for Adoption process in Pakistan please contact Advocate Nazia. Adoption of child in Pakistan can be done through our law firm as we are expert in Adoption of child in Pakistan. Adoption of child in Pakistan can be can quicker and adoption procedure in Pakistan can be completed quickly through us as we understand the Adoption procedure in Pakistan. For child adoption in Pakistan and adoption process in Pakistan all you need to do is to call us and we will guide you accordingly.

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