Can wW Get Marriage Certificate From NADRA?

Can wW Get Marriage Certificate From NADRA?

It’s important to note that while NADRA offers comprehensive digital services for various documentation verifications, the availability of online verification for marriage certificate and NikahNama may vary based on region and the current digital infrastructure of NADRA. Always ensure you are using the official NADRA website or government-provided e-services for secure and reliable information.

Obtaining Marriage Certificate from Nadra:

Yes, obtaining a marriage certificate from NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority) is an essential process for couples in Pakistan, providing them with a Computerized Marriage Certificate (CMC).

Legal Status:

This document becomes a vital record that proves the legal status of their marriage. After the marriage is registered with the local Union Council, following the Nikah ceremony and the submission of the Nikahnama, couples can apply for the CMC.


The application requires submitting a formal request along with the necessary documents, including National Identity Cards (NICs) of both spouses and a copy of the Nikahnama, to the Union Council. After processing, the Union Council issues the CMC, which is recognized and required for a variety of legal, social, and immigration purposes both within Pakistan and internationally