Cybercrime in Pakistan {Protected & Guidance)

Cybercrime in Pakistan {Protected & Guidance)

What is Cybercrime?

Computer Related Offences is known as Cyber Crime.  The Word Cyber Crime Is used for Criminal Activities That are Attached to the Network and Computer. Now Questions Is That How to Deal With types of Crime. Today Due to the Innovation of Technology, it is Very Easy and Simple. The lawyer Will Also Guide You about Cybercrime.

Which Kind of Crime Involved in It?


Network intrusions

Cyber-enabled fraud,

Industrial espionage,

Identity theft and

Copyright infringement

Is the Major Problems?

Today Cyber Crime is the major Issue? Yes because it’s a New Place for the Criminals. Who wants to hide their identity and do crimes? They target people through various social networking sites, email malware, and phishing.

What is RA 10175 explain briefly?

RA 10175 is a Law Made for Those Persons Involved in Cybercrime Cases. The Aim of This Law to protect consumers from possible fraud and deception in business transactions. RA 10175 is a law that provides for stiffer penalties for cybercriminals and protects the rights of individuals from malicious acts performed by computer systems. It is an act against cybercrime and identity theft in the internet world.

Is The Cyber Crime is Illegal Act:

Cyber Crime is an illegal act that uses a computer or another digital device. It includes any illegal activity, such as hacking into computer systems, accessing private information without permission, downloading unauthorized software, and so on. Cybercrime is often associated with the Internet; however, it can occur when someone uses a computer in any way that breaks a law.

How Can I Hire the Lawyer For Cybercrime Case?

If you are facing Some Issues means then hire an expert and senior lawyer & Law Firm in Lahore. They Know How to Deal the Cyber case in Court. They will make Your Case Easy and try to Clear You in the Case as Soon as Possible.

What is the punishment for cybercrime in Pakistan?

As the PECA (2016), Prevention of Electronic Crime Act. If any person is involved in the Cybercrime Case then must be punished with imprisonment for up to 10 years and a fine of up $100,000.


The Most Important thing is that Must protect yourself from Cybercrime is to take the must and Necessary to Secure your Data. Here is the Best Way to Save Your Data and protect yourself and your family members like your Father, Mother Children, and wife. Always pay attention to your credit card statements and bank account activity. Make sure that your passwords are strong and unique. You should also make sure that your social media accounts are private