Halala service in Pakistan legally not required

Halala service in Pakistan legally not required

Many of the couples after being divorce repent on their decision they took and does not know the way out and searches a solution. A molana normally advices for a Halala service to the divorced muslim couples but does not advices the real solution which is also valid as per Islam and law of Pakistan. The law of Pakistan is very clear in this situation and allows the Muslim divorced couple to remarry again with new marriage certificate in Pakistan. Halala in Islam is mentioned in the holly Quran verse no 230 of surah al Baqarah but this verse of holy Quran is normally used in a wrong way. Many of the Islamic scholars are of the view that Halala done intentionally amounts to Zina but still many of the Islamic preachers preaches about Halala because the molana is an ideal beneficiary of this Halala service in Pakistan and such types of molana also offers their own services of Halala to such couples. ┬áHalala service in Lahore and Halala service in Islamabad has now become a business. Today even there are many centers of halala services in Lahore and Islamabad who offers their paid services. Halala in Islam intentionally is a Zina and keeping a Halala center in Pakistan is illegal. Remarriage after divorce in Pakistan is possible legally. Halala center in Pakistan are illegal and it’s a crime. Halala service in Lahore is illegal.

Procedure of remarriage after divorce in Pakistan is very clearly given in the family law which says that if someone wants to remarry after divorce in Pakistan can get married legally without an intervening marriage. Remarrying the same person after divorce in Islam is also valid as per sharia and Islamic scholars are of the view that you can not only remarry the same person after divorce once but you can remarry the same person for three times.

Halala service in Pakistan & Lahore

Halala service in Pakistan


Legally when remarriage with the same person is done you have to go through new documentation. New nikahnama is filled in case of remarriage after divorce and issuance of divorce certificate in Pakistan. With the new documentation the date of marriage will be the new date however reference of previous nikah will be mentioned in the nikahnama in Pakistan. Nazia Law Associates provides the services of remarriage of Muslim couples in Pakistan and we can be contacted for the remarriage without going for the Halala service in Pakistan

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