How can I get marriage certificate in Pakistan

How can I get marriage certificate in Pakistan

Obtaining a marriage certificate, or Nikahnama, in Pakistan is a straightforward process that formalizes the marital union in accordance with the country’s legal and religious guidelines. To acquire a marriage certificate, couples must follow these steps:

Nikah Ceremony: The first step is conducting the Nikah ceremony, where a Nikah registrar, authorized by the government to perform marriages, officiates the union. During the ceremony, the marriage terms, including the Mahr (dower) and any special conditions, are agreed upon and recorded.

Signing of Nikahnama: Following the Nikah ceremony, the Nikahnama, a legal document that evidences the marriage, is signed by both spouses, the Nikah registrar, and two Muslim adult witnesses. The Nikahnama is issued in quadruplicate, with each party keeping a copy and one copy submitted to the local Union Council.

Registration with Union Council: The Nikah registrar is responsible for submitting the relevant portion of the Nikahnama to the Union Council of the area where the marriage took place within a specified period, usually 30 days after the ceremony.

Issuance of Marriage Certificate: After the submission, the Union Council verifies and registers the marriage. The couple can then apply for the official marriage certificate by submitting a request to the Union Council, accompanied by their National Identity Cards (NICs) and a copy of the Nikahnama.

Collection of Marriage Certificate: Once processed, the Union Council issues the Computerized Marriage Certificate (CMC), which can be collected by the couple. This document serves as the official proof of marriage, recognized both nationally and internationally.

It’s important to ensure that all information recorded in the Nikahnama and on the marriage certificate is accurate and matches official documents to avoid future legal complications. In case of any discrepancies, legal advice should be sought to rectify the issues as soon as possible.

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