Khula procedure in Pakistan on basis of impotency of husband

Khula procedure in Pakistan on basis of impotency of husband

Khula procedure in Pakistan: Apart from other grounds available in law to women to take khula from court, at the time of marriage and still is an impotent. Today one of the grounds is impotency of husband.  If a husband is impotent and a female wants khula from court on this ground she can apply for khula claiming that the husband is impotent and does not satisfies the sexual needs and desires of the wife. When a wife seeks khula on this ground it does not means that she cannot seek khula on some other ground in the same case. Normally when some client contacts us with such type of a situation we suggest them to add other grounds also along with the ground claiming that the husband is impotent. The reason suggesting other grounds along with the impotency ground is that if a wife only claims impotency ground then the court does not passes a decree on this ground if the husband makes an application in the court seeking time for recovery of this disease and on this application the court makes an order requiring the husband to satisfy the court within one year of time that the husband is no longer an impotent. This one year period starts from the date on which court makes an order. Divorce from wife can be done on the basis of impotency as impotency is one of the ground for divorce from wife. Khula in Pakistan is the right of wife and Nazia Law Associates deals in Khula in Pakistan. If you have any question regarding how to get khula by wife you can contact us we will guide you how to get khula by wife. khula procedure in Pakistan on the basis of impotency can be one of the grounds of khula in Pakistan

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For taking khula / Divorce in Pakistan on the ground that husband is impotent it is necessary that husband should be impotent when the marriage was done and still is an impotent. Today we live in the era of medical science and we have great medicines in market so if the husband proves that he can recover then the court can give time. One should not mix and should know the meaning of impotency as many of the times the people take and assumes pre-mature ejaculation as impotency. When you say some one is impotent then it means sexual organ is completely dysfunctional and pre mature ejaculation is ejaculation of semen during sexual intercourse before or immediately after penetration so it is better to keep both diseases in mind before you go head for filling your Khula procedure in Pakistan on ground of impotency.

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