Many of our Pakistanis ask us “Khula ki iddat kitni hai” and we tell them that we are a law firm and we can guide you legally only. As we are family lawyers so we can help you in a legal way only. There is difference between law and sharia. No doubt our major part of the law is inconsistence with the sharia but still if you have a religious question you should ask a religious person. We are lawyers are we can guide you legally only. As per the law want to know khula and iddat then let me guide you that legally also khula and iddat is compulsory. Now if you have a question that how much is the time period of iddat after khula then let me tell you that legally the iddat period after khula is 90 days. For taking khula in Pakistan you hire a lawyer who files your case in family court and conducts the khula procedure in Pakistan. For the detail procedure of khula you can visit our blog khula procedure in Pakistan however after obtaining khula from court you have to submit this khula decision in arbitration council where the proceedings of Nadra divorce certificate in Pakistan is conducted. This 90 days procedure for the divorce certificate in Pakistan is also taken as iddat period. During these proceedings in arbitration council the arbitration council tries to have reconciliation between the husband and wife. If the reconciliation takes place then there is no divorce legally.

khula period after iddat

khula ki iddat kitni hai

As per sharia also if you ruju with each other then there is no divorce. Please bear in mind that khula from court is not divorce. Legally divorce happens when a legal divorce certificate in Pakistan is issued and the reconciliation period of 90 days in the union council or the arbitration council is considered as the iddat period legally. So if any Pakistani brother or sister have a question that “ Khula ki iddat kitni hai “ then let us guide you that the period of iddat after khula is 90 days which starts from the court decree of khula and this 90 days of iddat expires when you are issues a Nadra divorce certificate in Pakistan. Legally you can marry the next minute when you are issued a divorce certificate in Pakistan. Supreme court in its decision has also stated that the iddat period starts from the date when a female files a case for khula because technically a female has stopped living with her husband when she files a case of khula in Pakistan but practically the 90 days of proceedings before the arbitration council for reconciliation is taken as iddat period after khula in Pakistan. Legally even after the divorce certificate is issued the same spouse can remarry any time without an intervening marriage. In short the answer to question khula ki iddat kitni hai is that time period of iddat after khula decree is 90 days. Khula and iddat both are necessary for second marriage. Please note that we are guide you legally however if you have any question with a religious aspect then we are not the right person to whom you should approach. Please contact a molana of your own sect for religious question. Legally the iddat period after divorce in Pakistan is 90 days. Khula and iddat are mandatory to be observed religiously and legally also. Khula ki iddat ke baray you can also contact our law firm

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