What Kind of Papers does a Process Server Serve?

What Kind of Papers does a Process Server Serve?

A process server in UAE or Pakistan typically serves legal documents, delivering them to individuals involved in a legal proceeding. The types of papers served by a process server can include:

Summons and Complaints


Notices to Appear

Divorce Papers

Eviction Notices

Child Custody Papers

Court Orders

Writs and Notices of Garnishment

Summons and Complaints: These documents initiate a lawsuit by informing the defendant that legal action is being taken against them and stating the grounds for the lawsuit.

Subpoenas: A subpoena instructions an individual to appear in court docket as a witness or produce certain documents as evidence.

Notices to Appear: These are documents requiring an individual to seem in court for numerous reasons, together with a hearing or deposition.

Divorce Papers: Process servers may deliver documents related to divorce procedure in Pakistan, including divorce petitions and summons.

Eviction Notices: In cases of landlord-tenant disputes, process servers in Saudi Arabia may deliver eviction notices or other legal documents related to property disputes.

Child Custody Papers: Documents related to child custody in Pakistan, including petitions and summonses, may be served by a process server in Iran.

Court Orders: Various court orders, such as restraining orders or orders to show cause, may be served to notify individuals of specific legal actions or restrictions.

Writs and Notices of Garnishment: These legal documents include in the seizure of property or assets to satisfy a debt or judgment.