Nikah in Badshahi mosque Lahore

Nikah in Badshahi mosque Lahore

Badshahi mosque was buit in 1671 and it has a historical significance. Since this mosque was built Muslims used to do nikah in Badshahi mosque Lahore. In the past the nikah or marriage used to have its religious status but now after many decades the nikah has taken a legal status. Now like every country Pakistan also have laws to register the marriage certificate in Pakistan. The nikah in badshahi mosque Lahore used to be oral nikah and still the same custom is followed. Even today if someone wishes to have the nikah in badshahi mosque Lahore it is done orally which infact is a crime nowadays as per Pakistani law.  Oral nikah in badshahi mosque Lahore only takes place on Friday for few hours. Some of the molanas sit in badshahi mosque to conduct the nikah but after conducted the nikah orally they neither register the docs nor provide any written documentary marriage certificate which is necessary. Due to taxali gate and brothel houses besides the mosque nowadays most of the people going there for nikah are from the same location and of the same criteria due to which now people avoid going there for nikah. Moreover you won’t see any families or females there so many of the females feels embarrassing going badshahi mosque for nikah.

nikah ceremony in badshahi mosque

Nikah in badshahi mosque

We provide nikahnama registration in Pakistan. Majority of the people conducting nikah in badshahi mosque Lahore are illiterate or students and don’t know anything about legality. You will never be allowed to take your own molana to badshahi mosque and the management never allows any outsider there to conduct the nikah ceremony and moreover they do nikah ceremony only for two hours on Friday after jumma. On jumma itself due to rush of males the females avoid going badshahi mosque. The molanas in badhshahi mosque and not law knowing so they have no idea about the legality of the registration of marriage in Lahore. As per Pakistani law if a nikah khawan does not registers a nikah it is considered as a crime and can be punished for 6 months of imprisonment in jail. If you don’t get a proof of marriage then the Pakistani government does not considers you as married. Only a lawyer in Pakistan understands well the legality of nikah documents and only a competent lawyer understands the legal value and status of a nikahnama.  So if you wish to get your nikah conducted with a legal status better you contact a lawyer. Instead of you go to a badhshahi mosque better call a lawyer. The lawyer will himself or herself call the nikah khawan in Lahore at the office and get it conducted in his presence by this way you get assistance in both the religious and legal ways. The lawyer with consultation with client fill the nikahnama and get it registered in legal way.  Nazia Law Associates is the best law firm in Lahore Pakistan for the conducting of nikah. Our law firm  will conduct your nikah in a better environment in our office to make your precious moments more valuable.  Our law firm have the best molanas of all sects. Feel free to contact Advocate Nazia for nikah services at 00923244207207


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