It is Possiable to get Divorce Certificate Online?

It is Possiable to get Divorce Certificate Online?

Obtaining a divorce certificate online in Pakistan is possible through the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA), streamlining the process for individuals seeking to legalize and document their separation. This digital approach aims to simplify the acquisition of a divorce certificate by allowing individuals to initiate the process remotely, catering to the evolving demands for convenient access to legal documents. To apply for an online divorce certificate, the following steps should be undertaken:

Navigate to Divorce Certificate Services: Look for the option to apply for a divorce certificate under the relevant services section.

Fill Out the Application: Complete the application form by entering all required information accurately, such as personal details, divorce details, and any other mandatory fields.

Upload Necessary Documents: This may include a copy of the divorce decree, identification documents of both parties, and any other documents specified by NADRA.

Submit the Application and Pay Fees: Finalize the application by submitting it along with the payment of any applicable fees online.

After submission, the application is processed, and upon verification of the details and documents provided, NADRA issues the divorce certificate. This document can then be downloaded or received through postal mail, depending on the options provided by NADRA. It’s advisable to check the current guidelines and requirements on the NADRA website as procedural steps and required documents may vary over time or based on specific circumstances.