Private detective in Lahore Pakistan

Private detective in Lahore Pakistan

Our law firm provides the best Private detective in Lahore Pakistan who are expert in all fields. If you have any issue regarding the asset searches anywhere in Pakistan we can help you in searching the assets of a person. We can also provide the services of background checking of an individual or a company. Background checking of an employee or an individual can be checked through our law firm. Our private detective agency in Lahore Pakistan is the best among all the private detective agencies in Pakistan.

Private detective in Lahore Pakistan

Private danetective in Lahore Pakist

Matrimonial investigations: Matrimonial investigations can also be verified from our firm as we can investigate Pre-Matrimonial and post matrimonial affairs. Cheating spouse is a huge problem nowadays and before taking some hard steps or becoming violent we would recommend to first get it investigated from our expert private detectives in Lahore Pakistan. Our private detective in Lahore Pakistan will dig all the necessary information required. We can also search marriage records and divorce records in Pakistan which can be very helpful for you.

Forensic investigations: Today the science has developed to great extent and use of science is now applied to almost all types of investigations. Both civil and criminal investigation are nowadays done through forensic investigations. We have a panel of forensic experts who are an expert in hand writing, Signatures, Finger prints, chemical examinations etc. So for any help regarding the forensic investigations do call us.

Call records: Call records are very important nowadays. Through the mobile call history or call logs in Pakistan you can have very important information such as location of a person, The person with whom he or she had conversation or the person with whom he or she is frequently in touch with etc etc. It is very helpful in criminal cases and in the case of cheating spouses. Our private detective in Lahore Pakistan can help you get the call records through proper channel.

Court records: We can get you all the copies of court records and copies of any case pending before any court of Pakistan. We can help you to inform if any case is pending before any court against anyone. We can also find out if any case was ever registered against anyone or not.
Criminal record: Sometimes it is very important to know that if any person have any type of criminal record or not. We can check and investigate whether any person have a criminal record or not.
Prison record: If you need any record from any prison of Pakistan you can contact us. We will find you all the records of prisons such as whether a person was in jail or not and if such person got medication or not etc.

Crime scene investigation: If a crime scene is properly investigated you can get very good clues and reach to the culprit. Many times some important clues are skipped by the law enforcement agencies but our experts are very vigilant and will help you grasp all the important clues for you.
White collar crimes: Our private investigator in Lahore Pakistan can investigate all white collar crimes in a better manner as we have retired and experts people in our panel.

Real estate investigations: If there is any fraud regarding a property please contact us as our private detectives in Lahore Pakistan will investigate all the property records from the official records of Pakistan. We can verify the locations of properties, Get you lost records of properties, Confirm you that who possess the property and who is the exact owner of such properties. We can also verify you that who owns a benami property. We can also get you the possession of any property back to the original owner from the hands of Scoundrel.

Municipal records: Through the private spy agencies in Pakistan on our panel we can also help you find any municipal records in any part of Pakistan such as marriage records, Divorce papers or certificates.
Evidence searching: All the cases in the courts depend on the evidence produced before the court. We help you in searching evidences. We help in searching all types of documentary evidence helpful in court.

Computer crimes: For any issue regarding the hacking of any account or system please contact us as our private detectives in Lahore Pakistan can resolve all your issues. Among all the private intelligence agencies in Pakistan our private intelligence agency in Lahore Pakistan is the best as we also have experts on cyber crimes

Surveillance: Surveillance is a mode through which you keep a keen eye on someone. We not only provide surveillance to individuals but also to businesses to keep an eye on competitors. Through Surveillance you can also check cheating husband or wife or girl friend or boy friend. Our expert private detective in Lahore Pakistan is very good in surveillance.

Public records search: If you are in search of any type of public record. Please contact our private detective in Lahore Pakistan who will check all the public records for you.

We have a panel of private detective agencies in Pakistan working through out Pakistan and abroad. All the private investigation companies in Pakistan work in coordination with our team. Each of our private investigator in Lahore Pakistan is an expert of this field and either is a retired officer from a law enforcement agency or is an ex employee of a Private spy agencies in Pakistan. We not only provide a private detective in Lahore Pakistan but we also have a private detective in Islamabad also so If you are searching for a private detective in Islamabad you can contact Advocate Nazia at 00923244207207

Please note that we only provide services which are permitted as per law of Pakistan and we do not extend our services to something which is illegal or prohibited.

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private detective in lahore pakistan
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