Required Documents for Filing a Khula in Pakistan

Required Documents for Filing a Khula in Pakistan

Required Documents for Filing a Khula in Pakistan

For a woman to initiate a Khula in Pakistan, several key documents are needed to ensure the process conforms to legal requirements. These documents are essential for the Family Court to assess and proceed with the Khula petition:

Petition for Khula: This is the formal request for divorce, which outlines the wife’s reasons for seeking the dissolution of marriage. It must be prepared and signed by the wife or her legal representative.

Marriage Certificate (Nikahnama): A certified copy of the Nikahnama (marriage certificate) is required to prove the existence of the marriage legally.

National Identity Cards (NIC): Copies of the National Identity Cards (NICs) of both spouses are needed for identification purposes.

Witness Statements: Statements from two witnesses who can attest to the marriage and the wife’s reasons for seeking a Khula. These statements may need to be notarized.

Proof of Mahr: Documentation proving the Mahr agreement and any evidence regarding the wife’s willingness to return the Mahr, if applicable.

Any Previous Legal Agreements: If there are any prior agreements between the husband and wife related to the marriage dissolution, such as maintenance or custody arrangements, copies of these agreements should be submitted.

Receipt of Notice: Proof that the husband has been notified of the Khula Divorce petition, usually in the form of a receipt or acknowledgement of service.

Gathering these documents prior to filing can streamline the process and facilitate a smoother legal proceeding. It’s advisable for the wife to work closely with her lawyer to ensure all necessary documents are in order and correctly prepared for submission to the Family Court