How to Send a Khula Notice to a Husband in Pakistan

How to Send a Khula Notice to a Husband in Pakistan

How to Send a Khula Notice to a Husband in Pakistan

Hire a Lawyer: The first step involves selecting a lawyer experienced in family law / Divorce Law and knowledgeable about the Khula process. This lawyer will provide legal advice and guide the wife through the subsequent steps.

Draft the Khula Petition: With the assistance of her lawyer, the wife drafts the Khula petition. This document outlines her reasons for seeking a divorce and states her willingness to return the Mahr if necessary.

File the Petition in Family Court: The drafted petition is then filed in the Family Court. This legal action officially initiates the Khula process.

Court Issues Notice to Husband: After receiving the petition, the court sends a notice to the husband, informing him of his wife’s intention to dissolve the marriage through Khula and the details of the forthcoming proceedings.

Court Hearing Date Set: A date for a court hearing is scheduled, giving both parties the opportunity to present their cases. This step is crucial for the legal process, providing a platform for both spouses to express their perspectives.

Wife Expresses Intention and Willingness to Return Mahr: During the hearing, it’s essential for the wife to reaffirm her intention to seek a divorce through Khula and, if applicable, her readiness to return the Mahr in accordance with Islamic law.

Court’s Decision: After considering the cases presented by both parties, the court makes a decision. If the court grants the Khula, the marriage is legally dissolved.

Following these steps with the assistance of a lawyer ensures that the process is conducted respectfully, adhering to both the legal requirements of Pakistan and the principles of Islamic law.