Suit for conjugal right

Suit for conjugal right

Conjugal rights mean right of husband or wife to have sex with each other. After marriage every husband or wife should have access to each other and this is the legal right of every husband and wife. When after marriage if any husband or wife willfully leaves his or her house and leaves at some other place where husband or wife does not have access to each other will be termed as violating the conjugal rights after marriage certificate in Pakistan. Suit for conjugal right can be filed by both husband and wife if she thinks that the conjugal rights of each other are being violated. Conjugal rights suit can be filed by both husband and wife as it is the right of both husband and wife. If a wife willfully leaves the house of his husband and starts living at her parents’ home then she is termed to be violating the conjugal rights of husband. In the same way if the husband leaves the house willfully and starts living at his parent’s home he will be considered to be violating conjugal rights of wife. In both scenarios suit for conjugal rights can be filed by husband or wife & Conjugal rights application can be given by both husband and wife. Suit for conjugal right against wife or husband is filed in the family court. If anyone wants to file conjugal rights application has hire an expert family lawyer in Pakistan who will represent your case before the family court in Conjugal rights against wife or conjugal rights against husband through Conjugal rights application.

Suit for conjugal rights

Conjugal rights of husband

When a suit for conjugal right is filed by your family lawyer in Pakistan, the court will issue notices to the other party to explain his point of view. If in case the other party appears before the court as say that he or she wants to live together then the court will announce its decision on the basis of compromise however the other party can also compromise conditionally. In case the other party does not appears before the court then the court will announce its decision ex party in the favor of the applicant that the other party is bound to live with the applicant and on failure to do so the court can also confiscate the property of person against whom the decision is given. If the conjugal rights of husband is violated and he files the case of conjugal rights against the wife and the wife appears before the court & say that she does not wants to live with him and she needs khula then the family court will announce the decision of khula in Pakistan in the favor of wife. No separate case for khula procedure in Pakistan will be required by the wife. The written statement of the wife in the suit of conjugal right with the prayer that she needs khula will be considered as plaint of khula in Pakistan so the conjugal rights suit will be changed in to the suit for khula in Pakistan. For all males who thinks that their wife should either come back to them or take khula should file the case of conjugal rights against wife in this way either she will come back or take khula. Conjugal rights suit is a legal tool to keep the husband and wife binding. Conjugal rights against wife or conjugal rights against husband can save a family instead of divorce in Pakistan.

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