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Family Case Lawyers

Nazia Law Associates in Lahore Pakistan is one of the best law firm in Lahore Pakistan . We also have our offices in other cities of Pakistan which includes Islamabad , Karachi , Multan , Faisalabad , Sialkot , Rawalpindi and Peshawar:  We are running this law firm since 2008. We provide best legal services and we have a panel of expert lawyers in Lahore Pakistan.  In Pakistan we deal with all kinds of legal issues and cases whether in Lahore or outside the Lahore city. We have expert lawyers in all fields of Law and we have an upper hand on the civil , Criminal , Corporate , Immigration and Family cases in Lahore Pakistan and our family lawyer in Lahore Pakistan are so good in their work. We also provide our legal services to all the other parts of the world which includes USA ( America ) U.K United Kingdom , Canada , Singapore , Australia , Austria , Bahrain , Belgium , Brunei , Cyprus , Denmark , Egypt ,Germany , France , Hong Kong , Japan , Italy , South Africa , Kuwait , Oman , Norway , Qatar , Switzerland , Spain , Sweden , Turkey , Thailand and Zimbabwe .  We also work in coordination with lawyers out side the country .  Each of our expert lawyer in Lahore provides expert legal services in Lahore Pakistan regarding every case .  Nazia Law Associates has its head office in Lahore Pakistan and each lawyer in Lahore office is very professional and our experienced lawyers in Lahore office are very good in their field and are one of the best Pakistani lawyers .  We also have immigration lawyers in our office and we also work in coordination with lawyers in Karachi , Islamabad and other cities.  Our visa consultants in Lahore Pakistan are also the best in the world. Advocate Nazia is the best Advocate in Lahore Pakistan. Each of our Advocate in Lahore Pakistan is an expert in his field of Law. Please contact our experts in Lahore Pakistan as we have professional advocates in Pakistan & our law firm in Lahore Pakistan is the best among other law firms in Lahore Pakistan. So feel free to contact our best law firm in Lahore Pakistan. Advocate Nazia is the best lawyer in Lahore Pakistan among all the lawyers in Lahore Pakistan in all terms and in all kinds of legal services. Our panel of expert family lawyers in Lahore Pakistan deals with court marriage, divorce procedure in Pakistan, child custody, maintenance, nikah khawan services, guardianship etc. Our divorce lawyers in Lahore can get you divorce quickly

Our family lawyer in Lahore Pakistan makes the procedure of court marriage in Pakistan and divorce procedure in Pakistan as easy as one, two , three . Our court marriage lawyer in Lahore Pakistan provides expert legal service of court marriage in Pakistan. Nazia Law Associates is the best place to find a court marriage..

Divorce Case


Our Family case lawyers in Pakistan makes procedure of divorce in Pakistan and court marriage procedure in Pakistan very easy. Our divorce case experts in Lahore Pakistan provides expert professional divorce service in Lahore. Nazia Law Associates is the best place to find a Family lawyer in Pakistan..

Court Marriage

Family Cases


Our Family Advocates in Lahore Pakistan have expert family advocates in Lahore Pakistan and they deal with all kinds of  Family Issue like Maintenance of wife and children , Guardian and succession certificate and custody of children in Lahore Pakistan. Nazia Law Associates is the best place to find a Divorce Lawyer in Pakistan.

Criminal Cases


Our criminal case experts in Pakistan deals in all kinds of criminal cases in the courts of Pakistan and we are expert in bail , trail , writ petitions , Appeal , Revision , Custom , Review cases in the court of magistrate , sessions , High court and supreme court of Pakistan. Our Law Firm is the best place..

Civil cases


Our civil case lawyers are very good in all kinds of civil cases and we are expert in recovery of property , Money , Land , Rent , profits and all the disputes of civil nature whether in court of a civil judge or sessions court or in the supreme court of Pakistan…

Property cases


Our property case lawyers in Pakistan deals in all kinds of disputes regarding property whether moveable or immoveable, Tangible or intangible. We are also expert in all kinds of sale and purchase of properties and registration of property in Lahore Pakistan…

Corporate cases


We got expert corporate lawyers in Lahore Pakistan dealing in all kinds of corporate issues. We can get your call center, firm or company registration in Lahore on priority basis. We are also expert in copy rights, trade mark , NTN , Patent and Design issues…


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Nazia Law Associates has Been a perfect place for Legal problems like Court Marriage,Divorce, Family cases, Criminal cases,Property cases includes,Corporate cases includes,and the Advocates are highly Educated and Well Experienced and working since last 10 years in the Lahore courts, and best part is there professional Behavior Seriousness which they show in each cases with individual attention

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