Court Marriage Procedure in Pakistan


For all those males and females in Lahore Pakistan who wish to have court marriage in Pakistan can contact Nazia Law Associates as we have the best court marriage lawyers in Lahore Pakistan for court marriage in Lahore or anywhere in Pakistan . Both male and females in Pakistan reserves the right to get marry any one of his or her own choice. Court marriage in Islam is valid and is also in accordance with shariah laws in Pakistan and other parts of the world. Our expert court marriage advocates in Lahore Pakistan makes the court marriage procedure in Pakistan very simple for our clients as they know how to make court marriage in accordance with the requirements of our clients. Law of court marriage in Pakistan is clear that anyone can marry any one of opposite sex of his or her own choice and the courts in Pakistan are bound to legally protect those who have done court marriage. We also have the services available of online nikah or online marriage in Pakistan. procedure of court marriage in Pakistan have never been so easy but we made it easy for you. Nazia Law Associates conducts court marriage in Lahore Pakistan. court marriage in Lahore Pakistan is easy as compared to court marriage in Pakistan. court marriage in Pakistan is not an easy topic. Highly professional skill are required to conduct court marriage in Pakistan. If you have any question as how to do court marriage in Pakistan you can call Advocate Nazia directly. Our expert court marriage lawyers in Lahore can also conduct your procedure of court marriage in Pakistan on emergency basis. Our law firm in Lahore expedites the procedure of court marriage in Pakistan and tries to free the clients as soon as possible. For court marriage in Lahore Pakistan Nazia Law Associates is the best

Court marriage procedure in Pakistan:Court marriage procedure in Pakistan is very simple as you just need to fulfill some of the requirements for procedure of court marriage in Pakistan are given below

Age – Age of marriage as per Islam is age of puberty and as per Law is age of majority. Age of majority is 18 years and age of puberty is when male and female are able to do sex

Opposite sex – Court marriage in Pakistan is always with opposite sex or gender. Lesbian or Gay marriage in Pakistan is a punishable offence

Free consent – Consent of male or female in nikah should be free consent without coercion or threat.

If you fulfill the above requirements of court marriage then you are eligible to go through the procedure of court marriage in Pakistan. All you need to do is to appoint an Advocate in Lahore Pakistan who will have your nikah performed and will prepare your legal documents for you which will save you against all the legal consequences. Our expert family lawyer in Lahore after preparing the legal documents will call a certified nikah khawan who will get your nikah done as per Islam and Law and then take you to the court where he will submit your court marriage documents and then the spouse will appear before the court and will record their statement that they have married with their free will and consent and then the court will pass an order certifying the court marriage that both the parties have validly married with each other and this order will also state that no one should harass or threat or take any legal action against the newly wedded couples. Even if you do not fulfill the requirements of court marriage in Pakistan please contact us we will show you the other ways through which you can fulfill the requirements of court marriage in Pakistan. Court marriage requirements in Pakistan may change later on depending on legislation but until changed you just have to fulfill the above basic court marriage requirements in Pakistan.  Nazia Law Associates will guide you regarding the court marriage procedure in Pakistan as the court marriage procedure in Pakistan is very well understood by our team of professionals

Documents Required. The only documents required for court marriage is

  • Any document as proof that you are above 18 years of age.
  • Two pictures which is optional for office record
  • Wakalat nama / Power of Attorney of your lawyer

Documents which you will receive after court marriage:

After court marriage your lawyer for court marriage in Lahore Pakistan will give you the following documents.

i) Marriage certificate

ii) Attested copy of petition

iii) Attested copy of affidavit

iv) Attested copy statement before the court.

v) Attested court orders for legal safety of client.

Online marriage in Pakistan: The changing times had also changed the procedure of nikah. Procedure of court marriage in Islam says that the nikah should be performed in one sitting which due to new inventions in Pakistan is now interpreted that the marriage can now also be performed online. Online marriage in Pakistan or online Shadi in Pakistan is now also accepted all over the world. People from all over the world contact us to perform marriage online through Skype , viber , telephone etc. Procedure of online marriage in Pakistan is now very simple as our expert lawyers had made online marriage procedure in Pakistan as simple as one, two, and three. Telephonic nikah is now accepted all over the world and court marriage Lahore. Nazia Law Associates have made court marriage procedure in pakistan easy for the clients through professional skills. court marriage in Lahore Pakistan is very well dealt by us


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