What is the Rules of Khula

What is the Rules of Khula

What is the Rules of Khula?

If you are Female and want to know the basic rules of khula in Pakistan? Then here you need to read our blog. All the Valid Information is available related to the rules of khula.

Here are the key points and rules associated with khula.

  • Wife Initiative
  • Reasons for Khula
  • Consent of Husband
  • Return of Mahr
  • Islamic Court

Wife’s Initiative: The Khula Procedure give the right to seek a divorce in Pakistan from her husband by initiating the process.

Reasons for Khula: The Wife Can Send the Khula Request for various reasons, like misbehavior and incompatibility under Islamic law.

Consent of Husband: The Husband consent is must require for the valid khula.  This can be formalized through a written agreement or during a legal proceeding.

Return of Mahr: At the end of marriage, the wife returns the mahr. This is a financial settlement to compensate the wife know as wife maintenance in Pakistan.

Islamic Court: Basically the khula is processed through the Islamic court and legal authority. The court assesses the validity of the wife’s reasons and ensures that the husband’s rights are considered.

Observance of Waiting Period (Iddah): After finalized the khula, the iddah in Pakistan is obligatory for the females. This waiting period server various purpose like confirming the pregnancy and emotional healing etc.